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Project Manual

The Reading in the Field project aims to restructure 9 existing community libraries, both in terms of the appropriateness of the physical space and the donation of the collection. The project works in spaces that need support and improvements to meet the communities of Brazil, reformulating them and bringing a greater range of books with the proposal to stimulate the formation of readers and to bring technical quality to services rendered to the community, besides collection.

Our values





Our goals

Disseminate the habit of reading, in communities with little access to literature, aiming at the formation of readership, thus influencing the process of social, educational and cultural emancipation of individuals.

Make existing libraries more suitable spaces for the interest and development of literature in the chosen communities.

Qualify community libraries;

Train local teams to use equipment;

Support community librarians so they can have better loan and enrollment results;

To improve and increase the collection of community libraries with titles of Brazilian literature, universal, paying attention to diversity and inclusion. with books in braille and audiobooks;

Create a network of community libraries that interact with multidisciplinary actions

Leitura in Brazil 

Portraits of Reading in Brazil

A total of 128,020 libraries were to be built between 2011 and 2020 in Brazilian schools to comply with Law 12.244, of May 2010, which establishes the obligation of having a collection of at least one book per student in each educational institution of the country, both in public and private networks.


For that, it would be necessary to build 39 units per day, according to a survey carried out by the "Todos pela Educação" movement based on the 2011 School Census, which includes schools of Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Youth and Adult Education, Elementary Education, High School and Professional Education.

44% of the Brazilian population does not read and 30% never bought a book in Brazil.


There are more than 125,000 schools without libraries in Brazil